SpineML The Spiking Neural Mark-up Language


Spiking Neural Mark-up Language

The Spiking Neural Mark-up Language (SpineML) is a declarative XML based model description language for large scale neural network models. It is partially based upon on the INCF NineML syntax utilising the LEMS (Low Entropy Model Specification) common model specification syntax which is proposed to unite a range of INCF supported simulators including NeuroML v2.0 and PyNN.

The syntax is designed primarily for the specification of large scale networks of point neurons but also has the flexibility to describe biologically constrained models consisting of non standard components (such as gap junctions).


SpineML Simulators

A model described in a declarative format needs a simulator to run it. Information about the simulators which have been used to execute SpineML models, including the reference SpineML simulator, SpineML_2_BRAHMS, is provided on the simulators page.

The SpineML Editor: SpineCreator

Manually creating XML in a text editor is one way to create your SpineML model, but it’s much easier to use a dedicated graphical editor. SpineCreator is the graphical editor for SpineML.