SpineML The Spiking Neural Mark-up Language


SpineCreator is a cross platform (OSX with retina support, Linux and (potentially) Windows) graphical editor for SpineML models with support for running model simulations. It features OpenGL visualisation of networks, simulator integration and graphical analysis tools.

Pre-built binaries can be downloaded below or you can check out the source from github. One way to get SpineCreator running is by building it from source. This allows you to easily keep up to date with improvements to the software.

Although SpineCreator on its own can create and modify SpineML models, it is always installed along with the SpineML_PreFlight program, the SpineML_2_BRAHMS simulation engine and the BRAHMS program so that it can execute models as well as modify and edit them. Full source code for all four programs is available from github. You will need to have the Graphviz library installed on your system and you may need to modify the main Qt Creator project file with its location.

Please report any issues on GitHub

Read more about SpineCreator in this paper:

Cope, A.J., Richmond, P., James, S.S. et al. “SpineCreator: a Graphical User Interface for the Creation of Layered Neural Models” Neuroinformatics (2016). doi:10.1007/s12021-016-9311-z